👋🏼 Hi, I'm Vitto.

I try to make the world better by making quality software.

Currently working at TipTip to build a one-stop platform for content-creators.

Previously at Kodefox, Phantom Network, and GDIS.

Latest Posts

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Workshops & Events

Occasionally, I did some workshops and events, although I wasn't doing much lately.

BTPN and Jenius team workshop

Me and 2 of my colleagues did a full week workshop on React for BTPN and Jenius team.

Zumi x Kodefox in Tech in Asia Conference

Me and my colleagues went to Tech in Asia to represent Zumi (a Kodefox made app) in Tech in Asia Conference!

Let's get in touch.

Feel free to reach me through my email or slip in DMs on any of my social network.